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Somewhat in the middle of a life/career crisis, I thought it was a good idea to start a blog even though I can't seem to write a sentence without erasing what I just wrote. So when when I lack inspiration, here a list of reasons why I started.
I feel like it might improve <something>
I need something to do/a hobby that makes me feel produtive
I need a portfolio
I'm trying out
Tangent - Point 1
I had a conversation with someone recently about the value of "doing something for the sake of doing something" and what I got out of that was: Sometimes you do things in life and you really don't know at the time, and it has a profound, (usually) positive impact in your future self. Something like learning a new skill that eventually becomes career or a mental health tool becoming a hobby.
And that brings me to the first thing this blog is about.
I am a firm believer of "Your systems will be stronger than your willpower" ← This is my lifehack. As a person who is constantly struggling with impulse control and distractions, the only way I ever get anything done is would a very elaborate system of, well systems, that let me get around with my life. Waking up in the morning. Going to the gym. Getting motivated to go to the gym. I am nothing without my systems.
Incessant Improvement
I am always haunted with a sense of "This could be better!" This process could definitely be easier/faster. There is always a better deal. Nothing is exempt from improvement.
And it manifests itself in diverse ways: The jacket is perfect for a night out for these 14.5 reasons. This workflow lets me test and iterate my code faster. This sous vide circulator gets me medium rare steak (135F) everytime, would fail.
This is topic number two.
Try to write two articles a week
Add "Write" to "Self Improvement via Peer Pressure"
Publish at 5 articles ← only 4 left
Last Rule: "You do not talk about Fight Club the blog" *until I publish. IDK why.
Possibly delusionally, I see myself as "Hardware Engineer" these days and blink is the hardware version of a "hello world". The blog name → Life (of a) Hack (still not decided on 100%) is a play on my constant imposter syndrome.